The restaurant staff of a North Haven, CT restaurant made quite a discovery on Friday night. An employee at a restaurant on Universal Drive reported found a whole lot of illegal stuff as they were cleaning up after closing. They called the North Haven PD, who confirmed that the contents of a bag contained 100 small bags of heroin.

The NHPD offered to help the person claim their lost goods in a fantastic Facebook post:

I got to thinking that someone probably did not mean to leave that big bag behind and wishes that they had it back. But if the cops don't know who left it, how can they get it back to the owner?

I took the liberty to write a Lost and Found ad. If you are browsing through a North Haven newspaper and you come across the personal ads page, you might see something like this:


  • Were you in a restaurant on Universal Drive on Friday night?
  • Did you misplace your stash?
  • We found it!
  • Call North Haven Police at 203-239-5321

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