How much would you give to know the winner of the "Big Game" before the game even happens? Well thanks to a little pigskin prognostication, we actually have a predicted winner, so I guess I should tell you to, "Thank the pig".

It's the Patriots and the Eagles getting ready for Super Bowl 52 on February 4th. Now we could use stats, saber metrics, and analytics to try and figure out who's got a chance to win the game, but that might cost millions of dollars, and thousands of lives, so we did the next best thing. We traveled to the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, gateway to New England to find someone or something who knows more about Football and the pigskin then anyone else we know. Enter Racine the pig, who's never gotten a Super Bowl prediction wrong, (this is actually her first time making a prediction since she's just turning one), besides do you know how hard it is to get an experienced pigskin prognosticator.

So here's how we set things up. In any scientific experiment like this, you have to have a common variable. We set up two bowls, one with a Patriots Flag, the other with an Eagles Flag. Both bowls were filled with munchkin donuts — a delicacy for pigs. Whatever bowl Racine went to for the donuts would be ruled the predicted winner of the Big Game.

Now, I know the suspense is killing you, so just click on the video and find out who Racine picked:

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