A private farm in Warwick made the sad announcement last weekend.

23-year-old Goldee, the horse who portrayed Pie-O-My on the HBO hit show The Sopranos, has lost her battle with a disease that she fought for four years according to Yahoo.


Goldee was born in New Jersey back in 1999, the same state where she later became famous playing the horse that gangster Tony Soprano fell in love with. Fans of the show will remember during season four of the hit show HBO show "Pie" passes away in a barn fire.

Tony becomes suspicious that the horse owner Ralphie, played by Joe Pantoliano, intentionally set the fire in order to get paid an insurance payout. Tony's suspicions lead him to kill Ralphie in one of the most memorable "hits" on the series, where he strangles Ralphie in his kitchen.

Pie passing away on the show gave us another example of how much Tony loved animals, first, it was duck's then it was Pie. Before Pie passed away fans will also remember that Tony had a painting of himself alongside Pie-O-My, the painting becomes a bit of a joke later in the series.

Top of Art/Youtube
Top of Art/Youtube

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