Welcome to the first of many "Pie Face Fridays."

Mr. Morning and Suzy will be playing every Friday to see who gets Pie Faced, and who's going to be this week's pie-faced loser. This week is the debut of our newest video feature.

The object of the game is (obviously) not to get pie faced, because if you do, you'll not only get a face full of whipped cream, but you'll have to do a pie-faced loser punishment.

For our inaugural game, we're starting things off pretty simple. Whoever loses this week, will have to say, "I'm a pie-faced loser" live on the air, right after Meteorologist Bill Jacquemin's weather reports all week.

So, are you ready to see who's getting pie-faced this week? Just watch the video and see who's going to win, and who's got to be embarrassed live on the radio.

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