It’s time again for another Pie Face Friday. As you know, Suzy has taken the loss the last two weeks and got Pie Faced both times.

The object of the game is (obviously) not to get pie faced, because if you do, you’ll not only get a face full of whipped cream, but you’ll have to do a pie-faced loser punishment.

Now, I'm loving this game, and seeing Suzy "get it" has been great fun, but I do feel badly. So, I came up with the idea to do a Pie Face Payoff.

The Pie Face Payoff is the same game, only instead of whipped cream, we're putting up some cash. We're actually putting a $20 bill on the Pie Face hand, so this week, the loser gets rewarded instead of a face full of whipped cream.

Just remember, the game is called Pie Face for a reason, so anything can happen, see for yourself:

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And here's our first Pie Face Friday Video:(We call it the Pilot Episode)

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