It's time for another Pie Face Friday, and since it's also that weekend when the NFL crowns a new champion and everyone has a party, we're calling this one the "Big Game Edition".

Now, if you're having a Big Game get together, the one thing you have to have is guacamole -- no party is complete without it. So this week during Pie Face Friday, Suzy and I are getting down and dirty with some fresh guacamole instead of the whipped cream.

As an added bonus, the winner gets to dip a chip in the guacamole on the loser's face. Now that's what I call talking one for the team.

Plus, each of us will represent. Suzy will be playing for New England Patriots fans, and I'll be playing for Atlanta Falcons fans.

So far, Suzy hasn't had much luck playing Pie Face -- as a matter of fact she's had no luck what so ever. She did, however, win the Pie Face Pay Off, and picked up $20, but even then, she had to lose to do it. You might think that this week the odds would be in her favor, and her luck may be changing.

Well enough of all the talk, it's game time. The crowd is ready, time to check out the video, because the game is called Pie Face for a good reason, and right about now the suspense is terrific.

So, ladies and gentlemen, please rise and join Don Bryan (Luke's 4th cousin twice removed) and honor America with our National Anthem.

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