Just put it in the casualties of the pandemic folder. Yet another popular Connecticut store will be closing due to the coronavirus, this time it will affect your pets.

They have 30 locations throughout Connecticut, including locations in Danbury, Bethel, and Ridgefield, but COVID-19 was just too much for Pet Valu, and last week they served notice that all store throughout the country, and all Connecticut locations will be closing for good.

According to newstimes.com, the pet chain issued a statement citing the pandemic and the lockdown from keeping pet owners away. That, plus competition from other larger pet supply stores like Petco, and PetSmart.

Not only will the Connecticut stores be closing, but the parent company will be closing all 360 stores nationwide.

Pet Valu also operates some 600 stores in Canada, where their main headquarters are located, and all those stores will remain open.

The company has shut down its U.S. website, and announced that all stores will be having clearance sales, and they are asking all customers to use any gift cards they may have by December 13.

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