It appears that thieves in Kingston, New York have provided a great example that they will steal just about anything.

It was just after noontime on Tuesday when the owner of Perry's Towing in Kingston noticed that one of his flatbed tow trucks was pulling out of the company's parking lot at 649 Broadway, Kingston, NY. That might not seem out of the ordinary if one of the company's drivers was the one actually driving the truck!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Tow Truck Stolen in Kingston, New York

Tuesday was like any other day for Pete Ferraro, the owner of Perry’s Towing in Kingston. Nothing out of the ordinary. That was until around noon when Ferraro was in the office of his towing company when he watched a thief drive off with one of his tow trucks according the the Daily Freeman. Ferraro told the Freeman that he witnessed the theft of his 2020 Ford F550 flatbed and watched in shock as the thief drove the truck through the lot and out onto Broadway, turning onto Van Buren Street.

Kingston Police Department/Facebook
Kingston Police Department/Facebook

How Did the Thief Get Away so Easily?

Ferraro admitted that the keys were left in the truck while it was parked in his lot and as soon as he watched it drive away he said "A couple of my guys went after him when I saw it was gone, but they couldn’t find it." At the time of the crime Ferraro was hoping police would quickly catch the thief and provided as much detail he could about the truck to authorities. Has anything like this ever happened before? Ferraro said "I’ve been in business over 50 years. It’s the first time."

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Kingston Police Seeking Tow Truck Thieves

As police were notified of the theft they posted a picture of the truck on their Facebook page saying,

"The Kingston Police Department is currently investigating the theft of a Tow Truck belonging to Perry's Towing in the city of Kingston. Should you see this vehicle please contact the Kingston Police Department at (845) 331-1671."

Tow Truck Recovered

Thankfully a few hours after it was stolen, the truck, which could be worth well over $50,000 was recovered in good condition after it was dropped off at Romeo Ford in the town of Ulster. Police didn't release any information about who was responsible for the theft but did thank everyone for their assistance in finding the truck. When he was told the truck had been recovered Ferraro said, "someone must have needed a ride” and "really glad to get the truck back."

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