It's been a long two months, but now that things are slowly re-opening, I was wondering how many people have already started taking advantage of some of the open options.

The beginning of phase one re-opening started last Wednesday, so that got me thinking, now that you can do outside dining, or even stop in and do some shopping at the Danbury Fair Mall, how many people have already ventured out?

So, here's what we did. I put it to the "country nation" on our KICKS 105.5 Facebook page, just to get a feeling of where people are at, at this stage of the pandemic.

Now we understand that this is just a small sampling, however, the results weren't all that surprising. But it was interesting to see how many people are still taking precautions, and how many people are not ready to venture out just yet.

Here are some of the answers we got when asked if you have gone out to eat yet, or hit up the Mall or any other stores that just re-opened.

  • Shelley Butler: "No and no other than grocery stores and take out. We have had 2 immediate family BBQs though in a huge back yard to socially distance."
  • Jennifer Bruckert Burkhart: "No and no. Did a social distancing picnic over the weekend though and it was a little odd, but nice."
  • Tiffany Lynn: "No; however went to a family bbq while practicing social distancing all the way!
  • Stephen GarciaSolid nope, did a BBQ with my family that I live with.
  • Liz Heyel MitchellMall- no way. Outdoor dining- so far Pippas and Charter Oak Brewery. Both establishments following guidelines to a T! And that first beer served out side under the sunshine was deeeee-lish-US!!
  • Eileen LogiudiceNooo way too early for that in my opinion.
  • Mary Morrison "No and no."
  • Jillian Linhardt: "No ... had a small cook out with my neighbors who we have been around this whole time"
  • Denise Cahill Clair: "I'm waiting anxiously for our area to open and yes I will be going out to dinner. Haven't gone to the mall yet, however, I usually don't go to malls. I want normalcy back in our lives...."
  • Kristin Yozzo: "Michael's craft store, yes. Mall, no. We haven't been to any restaurants for anything other than takeout still. Awaiting on Marshalls & Christmas Tree Shops to reopen for in store shopping"
  • Michele Alison Lyons: "Had a lovely meal and spent time with my dear friend on the first day we were allowed to enjoy dining out again! Shout out to the Marketplace in Newtown!!"
  • Monique Finnell: "No and no. And tried to have a 2 to 3 person cook out over the weekend and no one wanted to come over  people are still cautious about doing things but then on the other hand I see huge friends and family gatherings and those people don't live in the same house..."
  • Sue Christian: "Yes and yes! Went to the Christmas Tree Shop as well."
  • Sarah Fontoura: "I’ve gone out to dinner twice. No mall. Even before the virus I stay away."
  • Bernadette J. Tyson"Nope and not planning to go out besides grocery shopping."
  • Amy Watson: "Nope! Take out but mostly I cook."
  • Sherry Abou-eid: "No and no. Small cookout at my Aunts."
  • Michele Orris Modugno: "No and No."
  • Joye Borkowski: "Yes! Dinner at The Old Oak Tavern in Gaylordsville!!! It was great!! Felt good to get out!!"
  • Angela Atwood: "No we haven’t but that is because the good restaurants are like a half hour away so it isn’t worth the gas just to eat in my opinion."
  • Katie Ganong: "No mall. Did go to Down the Hatch (Brookfield) socially distancing."
  • Christina Pecorino: "Still waiting for my area to open but I am not going to rush out anywhere."
  • Denice Harrington-Clapper: "I did go to Boscov , no mall , no dinner yet."
  • Debbie Deeley Gagnon"Yes. Went out to dinner and went to the mall."
  • Ginger Heinlein: "No and no."
  • Solange Silva"Maybe next year."

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