We hate to see something like this happen, but it does raise the question, how do you know if something really gets paid forward?

If you've ever been lucky enough to be apart of a "pay it forward" moment, you know that the feeling of having someone else buy you something just to be nice is a great feeling. It's the best, but what happens when someone in line in front of you tries to buy you something, and the clerk just pockets the money and doesn't apply it to you?

That's what happened to Shannon, who called the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show today to share her story. She told us that she was in line at a convenience store in Wappingers Falls the other day when a nice man in front of her paid for his stuff and told the clerk to "keep the change ($3) and pay for the nice ladies drink behind me". Shannon thanked the man and then made her way up to pay for the other item she was buying, when the clerk rang up her drink ($2.49) and the other item, she stood there and waited for the clerk to take the drink price off her bill.

She said, "I looked at the drink, I looked up at him, looked at the drink again, and he never took the drink off my bill, so I paid with my card and left the store". The clerk never payed it forward, he just kept the $3 in cash!!! WTH!!

I asked Shannon why she didn't say anything and she said she was just getting out of work and was to tired to be bothered. Would you have said anything?

Karen from Kent texted us, "I would not have said anything to the clerk that pocketed the money but I would have called to speak with a manager because a person that is so desperate that they need to steal like that might be inclined to steal in other ways as well."

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