Who originally dreamed up the "Dab" is up for debate, but one thing's for sure, when it debuted in Atlanta back in the day, it was a cool hip hop dance move.

It was a real "thing" when Quarterback Cam Newton began dabbing after scoring touchdowns. James Corden was taught how to do it during an edition of "Carpool Karaoke", Hillary Clinton Dabbed with Ellen, and more recently, Lin Manuel Miranda used it in a Saturday Night Live Sketch. It's a distinct move that makes you appear as though you're leaning into your elbow and sneezing as you're hailing a cab with your other arm.

Dabbing became lame and died a rapid death due to over exposure -- and because it was annoying. Later, it was resurrected in another form -- irony! So many people made fun of it for being lame that somehow, it became a little cool again!

What 17-year-old Cal Marshall did at his dad's mock House of Representatives swearing in ceremony definitely put it in the cool category. A story at fox5dc.com describes the scene as Cal, his dad (the newly elected Rep Roger Marshall), and House Speaker Paul Ryan, were being photographed by the press, Cal struck the pose. Mr Ryan expressed worry and asked Cal, "You all right? Are you gonna sneeze?" and continued to ask as Cal maintained his stance. We hear from Fox News that Cal is now grounded, but his version of dabbing was very cool!

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