A Patriots fan has been banned for life from Gilette stadium.

NBCConnecticut.com reports that in the fourth quarter at Sunday's (October 14) game, Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill scored a 75-yard touchdown with a little bit over three minutes left to the game. Just after he reached the end zone, a fan in the front row threw a beer in the wide receiver's face.

In the video below, you can see Hill coming to a stop right in front of Patriots fans after running for the touchdown. He is greeted with fan flip-offs and then comes the shower of beer.

Well, such behavior is frowned upon. Surveillance video clearly identified the 21-year-old man who is from Mansfield, CT. He is not only facing charges for disorderly conduct and throwing an object at a sporting event, he can't step foot inside the home of the Patriots ever again.

Nice going, dummy!

New England went on to win the game 43-40.

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