This week we're featuring Parsley as our Pet of the Week, and she's got such a sad backstory.

Parsley was born at the Animal Welfare Society five years ago and was adopted as a little pup. After having a forever home for those five years, and after seemingly getting a lot of love and affection, the family got another puppy, and for some reason decided they didn't want Parsley anymore. So they brought her back to the shelter. How sad is that?

Now Parsley is looking for a new forever home and is a great small dog. She's a mutt, probably part Terrier and or pug, she's affectionate and enjoys being made a fuss of. She gets along well with other small dogs and people, gets a little nervous around bigger dogs, loves her treats, and can't wait to get on with her life in her own home again. She's got all her shots and has been spayed, and would love for you to come by and take her to her new forever home.

Here's a closer look at our featured Pet of the Week, Parsley:

For more information on Parsley, and all the other adoptable Dogs and Cats, call the Animal Welfare Society at (860) 354-1350 or visit them on Dodd Road in New Milford.

They’re open Tuesday from 11 AM to 7 PM, and Wednesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Keep in mind the Animal Welfare Society is undergoing construction to serve you and the animals better, so just them call before you go.

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