On their Facebook page, Ele-Fant Bakery owners Alfredo and Linda DoVale broke the news to their loyal customers that after 36 years, they decided to retire, citing health reasons.

The legendary Liberty Street bakery has been in the family for over 60 years and three generations. They thanked their customers and their dedicated employees for their hard work but at the same time encouraged their loyal clientele to welcome the new owner, Eder Moreira.

Photo Courtesy of Elefant Bakerys' FB Page...

Many comments left on my Facebook page mentioned they baked the best grinder rolls and grinder bread in the state. The Ele-Fant reviews on both yelp.com and tripadvisor.com were perfect at a 5 out of 5.

Geoffrey from New Haven stated that Ele-Fant was "an absolute jewel of a local establishment." Jim Z, who used to live in Newtown, wrote to Trip Advisor raving about the service and atmosphere.

Elizabeth S. from Farmingdale, NY, loved the raspberry danish and Brazilian cheese balls. Ele-Fant's grinder-size sausage rolls were always one of my favorites. And don't even start with their cheesy rolls, OMG!

Courtesy of Elefant's FB page...

Just a reminder that Ele-Fant is not going away; it's just changing up ownership, thanks to Eder Moreira. You can welcome Eder aboard and check out what kind of goodies will be in his display case at the same location at 36 Liberty Street in the middle of downtown Danbury.

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