This isn't something you'd expect to find in your kitchen sink.

News 12 Westchester is reporting that a barred owl flew through a kitchen window of a home in Bedford Tuesday. The owl landed in the sink along with shards of broken glass from the window it had just smashed through.

Fortunately, the owl was not hurt. Police were able to rescue the owl without incident by letting it fly out of the same window it had broken through.

Wikipedia describes the barred owl (or, northern barred owl or hoot owl) as a type of owl native to the eastern part U.S. and Canada. Most barred owls prefer heavily forested areas for their homes. 

Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous reports that Barred Owls here in the state have been acting kind of strange. Apparently, the strange behavior has something to do with a good breeding season. The young owls that were born last summer are now starting to make their move out of the nest. Experts believe the lack of small rodents is forcing the owls to hunt outside of their normal places and times.

Owls also have a habit of showing up in unlikely places without warning. In January, an owl unexpectedly flew into a man's truck's open window in Avril Park, New York.

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