Five suspects are in custody following an overnight drug raid in Connecticut.

According to the Meriden Police Department, the raid was conducted around 5:00 am at a home on South First Street. The involved units included the Meriden Crime Suppression Unit, the Detective Division, the Meriden SWAT Team and the Cheshire/Wallingford Regional SWAT Team.

Police say that they retrieved two handguns, a significant amount of ammunition, $4,937 in cash and what they describe as a considerable amount of drugs and paraphernalia, which resulted in a number of felony charges.

27-year-old Angel Rojas, 18-year-old Pierre Langlois and 20-year-old Denzell Woolard were each charged with possession of narcotics with intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a school, interfering with a search warrant and other drug-related crimes.

35-year-old Betsy Gonzalez and 20-year-old Luis Pellot have been been charged with risk of injury to a minor. Also, police say that an unidentified juvenile was arrested as well.

Record Journal reports that apparently, police responded to the same address back on April 19 after a report of gunshots and found one man injured at the scene.

If you are an alleged drug dealer and you have a shooting incident at your lair/stash house, do you think it's super wise to continue to conduct business there? That's a situation where you have to know the "spot is hot." Maybe it's time to head down to the Home Depot, pick up some moving boxes, tape and a dolly. Maybe shift your operation to a new headquarters? I mean, I'm just sayin'.

In a statement, Lt. John Mennone of the Meriden PD had this to say about the

These officers formulated and executed a plan to remove illegal weapons and narcotics from the streets of Meriden and successfully completed this mission without any injury to themselves or the public. . We are extremely proud of their efforts and commend them for their dedicated work to the safety of the citizens of Meriden.

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