UPDATE: Thankfully, Lily has been found safe, and has been returned to her owner.


A $1,000 reward has been posted for a service dog lost in Bethel, CT since Friday. Lily was last seen at the intersection of Nashville Road and Route 53 at about 3:00pm last Friday, May 12, 2017. Signs and posters have gone up all over town and friends and family have been frantically searching for her. But, so far, no one has seen her.

Lost pets are known to stay close to the area where they have gone missing. With all of the rain this weekend, it is very possible that Lady is hiding under a porch or in a shed. She is quite petite and can easily squeeze into a small area. Please check around your home or business.

Lily is an eight pound, white and tan Maltese Yorkie or "Morkie". She is very skittish so if you do see her, please approach easily.

Any sightings, information or if you happen to capture her, please call 203-790-4025. A special email address has also been set up lostmorkieinbethel@gmail.com

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