I can't even imagine what it must feel like knowing that you might have to say goodbye to your wife and children.

New Fairfield's Joel Colindres is only days away from being ordered per a deportation order to board a plane back to Guatemala. On Thursday, accompanied by his wife Samantha and Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal he reported for his last check-in before his Wednesday departure to Guatemala.

An article in the NewsTimes tells of a "pending waiver to excuse and pardon his removal order" according Colindres's attorney, Erin O'Neill-Baker. An emergency stay is currently pending with the 5th Circuit Court in Louisiana. A petition signed by 26,000 was walked into Immigration and Custom Enforcement offices in the U.S District Court appealing to ICE not to send him back to Guatemala. Joel's wife, Samantha told the NewsTimes:

Sending Joel back to Guatemala means certain death.


Senator Blumenthal told the NewsTimes that Joel's order to appear in court 10 years ago was sent to the wrong address and was in the wrong name which initially triggered the deportation order. Blumenthal went on to say:

Deporting Joel Colindres would betray American values and American justice. All he is seeking now is an opportunity to present his case.

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