While most High School students are trying to figure out the online learning curve, one student is busy monitoring the COVID-19 crisis, and is lending his hand at making personal protective equipment.

There are feel good stories coming from all over Connecticut during this crisis. Conner Larocque is a junior at Hamden High School, and he's been monitoring the coironavirus pandemic, and has been following trends from other countries who have also been going through this crisis. He told nbcconnecticut.com how he got the idea to start making PPE with his 3D printer.

Italy started 3D printing stuff in hospitals a few weeks ago and that kind of kick started a whole movement of making personal protective equipment

He started small with just his own 3D printer, but them acquired two more that were just sitting idle at the Eli Whitney museum.

Once he had just what he needed, he connected with mechanical engineer, Bruce Crowder.

Together we started making frames (for the shield) and immediately found people who were in desperate need. Those who needed them included a wide range of emergency service groups and health organizations around Hamden.

When word got out what Connor was doing, Hamden High School donated their 3D printer to the cause, so now the team has created hundreds of face shield, and they will continue the process as long there's a local need.

Gabe Jenkins is the HECA instructor at the High School and he said they can make one model in as little as thirty minutes.

There’s a model that you can make in about 30 minutes for each one and there’s a different model that takes about two and a half hours in order to print for each one.

Connor has also reached out to anyone else with a 3D printer to join the cause, see he's not going to stop until this horrible virus is long gone.

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