Due to parents in New York (like me) complaining and even opting their kids out of the state  tests (like me), there is a shift in the state’s stance on standardized tests determining teacher evaluations for pay rates. Spectrum Local News says the New York State legislature is mulling over a new law that would repeal some of the policies and practice introduced in 2015, affiliating those state tests with how state educators and administrators are compensated.

State Senate Republican Jim Tedisco says:

Kids test in different ways, they learn in different ways…you cannot use a test as a holy grail to evaluate kids and teachers.

This is a change in sentiment from 2015, when New York’s Governor Cuomo passed the law enacting these conditions in the face of opposition from the New York State United Teachers Union, or NYSUT. Legislators attribute the new sentiment to parents opting their students out of state tests, as well as complaints waged against the new policies and proceedures. In my opinion the tests were tedious and stressful for the kids. The teachers end up teaching to the test, which also in my opinion, is designed to trick the students so that it's difficult for teachers to obtain pay raises; again just my humble (lol).

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