John Travolta is out doing promotion for his new movie about John Gotti fittingly titled, Gotti. The promo tour brought him to Brooklyn on the block he made famous in the movie Saturday Night Fever. He stopped at Lenny's Pizza for a slice, wore a replica suit from Saturday Night Fever and treated the crowd to some of his famous disco moves.

According to the NY Post, the crowd he drew was so big, the NYPD had to put their emergency crowd control edict into play. The man dances on a specific block in Brooklyn and it almost caused a riot. Travolta HAS to know he cannot do this.

He's just gotta be more responsible with those moves. He's danced his way into ladies' hearts many years ago, and just a little reminder can send people over the deep end. Ladies love Travolta, and you would think by now he would know that him dancing like it's 1977 can have people getting all hot and bothered and shutting down all of Brooklyn.

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