What kind of weirdo would do this?

ABC 13 is reporting that a NY County District Judge has admitted to breaking into his neighbor's home on multiple occasions to steal her underwear. The East Islip judge, who is a married father of three, has plead not guilty though, according to ABC 13. 

The young woman, who apparently had had half her underwear stolen, was a 23 year-old who lived across from the judge. According to ABC 13, the weirdo said in his confession.....

....in his confession, he said he stole the underwear upon feeling "urges." He admitted that on several occasions, he entered the home, opened her hamper and took underwear.

He was arrested Wednesday.According to Eyewitness News ABC7NY, the judge had several pairs of the victim's underwear stashed in his raincoat when confronted by police.

This is highly disturbing. This is an individual who swore to uphold the law. He violated it in a very serious way.

Friends, neighbors, and colleagues of the alleged undie snatching judge were shocked to hear the news. Many described him as a "friendly family man" and a "respected lawyer".   

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