Sometimes, doing what we do can be very rewarding. Especially when you can make people's dreams come true. That's exactly what we did for a special couple when they came to Harvest Jam to meet James Otto.

First, a little backstory:

Back in 2008, Hank and Laurel from upstate New York got engaged on stage at a James Otto Concert. Since then, everything's been going great for the two love birds, but the one thing they wanted more then anything else was to get a chance to meet James again and thank him.

Well, enter KICKS 105.5. We got a message from Hank and Laurel, and they told us how much they wanted to meet James again. Well, since James was appearing at our Harvest Jam, they came to the right place. All we had to do find the couple in the crowd and get them backstage for the official meet and greet. Here's how it went down and James even had a special wedding gift for Hank and Laurel:

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