Soon New Yorkers could possibly be seeing an ‘X’ on birth certificates and licenses, in addition to, or instead of ‘M’ or ‘F’. There's a movement beginning in New York City, which could spread to Dutchess Putnam Rockland Westchester in the future providing this third option for documentation.

New York City’s Mayor Bill DeBlasio and New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson are hoping to usher in a legislation allowing those born in New York City to opt for 'X' instead of either 'M' or 'F' on their birth certificates according to New York City Patch. Later in June Public hearings on the matter are set to take place and then on this could take place in September.

You can already choose not to identify your newborn’s gender but this new legislation could also apply to adults born in New York remain gender-neutral. This all would be a victory for the LGBTQ community in New York.

California, Oregon and Washington now have legislation allowing for this on birth certificates, and Washington, D.C. allows it on driver’s licenses. The titles Mx. And Ind, (which stands for individual), are both currently being recognized and used in various communities.

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