I don't want to make assumptions, but I'm pretty sure most of us will be watching the Super Bowl this weekend. I'm going to make another assumption and guess that most us, especially New York Giants fans, are only watching for the commercials.

How are we even suppose to cheer for Philly or Boston? They're one of New York's biggest rivals. I digress. Whether you're watching the game for the actual show down or if you're looking for pure entertainment, you could be a big part of the Super Bowl.

Kraft, the company behind the delicious boxed macaroni and cheese, will be creating their first ever Super Bowl commercial during the game.

They're asking viewers to post their Super Bowl party pictures to social media and while using the hashtag #FamilyGreatly. The Family Greatly campaign focuses on how most families are not perfect according to a statement from Kraft Give to Ad Weekly " Kraft believes there’s no perfect way to family and wants parents to take comfort in knowing that as long as you’re doing it with love and conviction, you ‘family greatly.'

Say cheese and get your family in a Super Bowl commercial this weekend.

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