Can this be true? Nutella? What?

As I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I saw something that my best friend had posted. Yes, my best friend. Someone who I have shared decades with. The person who is Godmother to my son. We call each others parents "mom" and "dad" and yet she thought that it would be ok for me to see this in a newsfeed.

Wow, you think you know someone and then they do something like this. I believe a phone call would have been the decent thing to do, but I totally digress.

As I began to research this horrible news, I noticed that there were many articles that are quick to judge this hazlenut chocolately deliciousness. However there was one site that said Nutella was probably not giving you cancer. Probably not? So, of course, I clicked.

The Verge states that it is not Nutella that is cancer causing but one of its ingredients.

The study, released by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) last May, does not say that Nutella can cause cancer. What the study does say is that palm oil, an ingredient in Nutella, releases potentially carcinogenic chemicals when refined at high temperatures. Palm oil, derived from the fruit of palm trees, is used in plenty of food. When refined at around 200 degrees Celsius, the study says, palm oil releases a contaminant known as glycidyl fatty esters (GE) in higher levels than other vegetable oils. Previous studies have shown that GE can cause tumors in rats and mice, leading EFSA to characterize it as a “potential health risk” for children and anyone who consumes it in high amounts.

Well, that makes me feel a whole lot better.

I moved on to see if there were any news videos on the subject which made me dream about how easy those research projects in high school and college would have been if I had my old pal Google with me back then. Again, I digress.

I'm not sure if I'm more freaked out that Nutella may be taken off the shelves forever or by the computer voice that narrates the following video:

Honestly, I haven't had this stuff in years and tonight just added many years to the absence of Nutella in my life.

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