One Catskill's family makes a unique New Year's resolution, and plan to visit every Stewart's Shop.

Over the years, most of us have gotten away from making any sort of New Year's resolutions. I stopped many years ago because by the second week of January every year, I break the resolution and normally feel bad after I mess it up. That's not stopping the Freeman family from Cairo, New York.

Meet the Freeman family, Auggie, Kristen, and Cody who back in 2021 decided that they were going to do a family resolution for 2022. Their resolution is that they plan to visit every single Stewarts Shop in New York and Vermont.

With over 350 convenience stores scattered across New York and Vermont and with well over 10 locations in the Hudson Valley, this plan seems extreme but doable, right? Right says Auggie Freeman who joined us on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess show to share how the family came up with the unique resolution. He told us,

"My wife and I saw on the news that an elderly couple visited every Cracker Barrel in the country a while back and I told her that sounds like something we would do!" She replied, "We should go to every Stewart's!"

And just like that, the idea was set into motion.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Auggie says the family has visited just over 30 locations so far and are still mapping out their journey, but did say that so far the only issue they have come across is that some local Stewart's shops are "right across the street from each other and I can only drink so much coffee!" The family does grab something to eat or drink at each location and once they get outside of the store, Kristen snaps a bunch of pictures and posts them at "Stewartsshopsorbust2022" on Instagram.

Auggie also told us the family does plan to visit our many Stewart Shops real soon, so if you see a family making a big deal in the parking lot at the Stewarts in New Paltz, Poughkeepsie, Hopewell Junction, Ellenville, Wurtsboro, or the one near you, make sure you say HI and wish them well on their adventure.

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