Governor Lamont has issued an emergency executive order to crack down on non-mask wearers and large gatherings.

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The order will likely go into effect this Thursday at midnight, according to the Hartford Courant. If you violate the mask mandate, you could end up forking over $100. Should you decide to show up at a large, unsanctioned event, you could be issued a $250 fine.

If you're the individual organizing the unsanctioned event, you could be slapped with a $500 fine. I'll go on record and say that this executive order by Governor Lamont is long overdue. As of today, there have been 53,871 COVID cases and 4,474 deaths.

Stamford Hospital Inundated With Patients During Coronavirus Pandemic
Photo Taken at Stamford Hospital in CT - Getty Images

The state's positivity rate is back up over 1% for the last three days, most likely due to the reopening of colleges and schools. My question is, "how are towns going to enforce Governor Lamont's coronavirus executive orders?" Law enforcement in each city and town in CT can issue infractions for ignoring the Governor's executive orders. I wouldn't say I like wearing a mask, but I do because I love my family.

Why is it so difficult for the portion of the population who refuse to wear a mask anywhere in public or attend mass gatherings that not only are they placing themselves in danger of catching COVID-19, but they are also endangering their friends and loved ones? The following video does not represent what most COVID patients will experience, but thousands upon thousands of patients have had to deal with the following. Do you want to take that chance?

What if one of these non-mask wearers was soley responsible for passing the virus onto their grandparents? Would they change their minds about wearing a mask?

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