Late last night a call went out for a fire on North Front Street in Kingston. A popular area in the City of Kingston, North Front Street is full of thriving local businesses. Unfortunately, it appears one of those businesses has been destroyed by a fire.

Ulster County Fire/Rescue Incidents reported on Facebook last night (Feb 15, 2023) around 11 PM that the City of Kingston was responding to a fire on North Front Street. At first, it wasn't clear to the public which building was involved in the fire. Eyewitnesses started relying on social media to try and clear up what was on fire.

Kingston Business on North Front Street Destroyed by Fire


This morning pictures started appearing of the building that had been destroyed. Hill Valley Candles shared the photo on social media which revealed the fire had been centered in the part of the building that Ester Wine and Spirits had called home.

From the photo, it is clear that the store and space above had also been destroyed.

Our store is fine. But our next door neighbor, Ester Wine and Spirits, suffered a devastating fire last night. Such a great shop and the owner, Robert, is a fantastic, generous neighbor. We will do what we can to help him get back up and running. (Hill Valley Candle via Facebook)


Kingston Businesses Open Following Fire on North Front Street

Many people commented on the post that Robert the owner of Ester's was wonderful and that they want to help in any way they can. Other businesses have shared similar posts also expressing that they are open for business and ready to help their neighbor during this time.

Front Street Tavern reshared a picture of the firemen on the scene during the fire that Frank Guido had posted thanking the Kingston Fire Department for the great job they did fighting the fire.

At the moment we don't have an update on how this fire began. We will update this article with further details when they become available.

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