For someone to say something like this to me is like someone saying something offensive about your family!

One thing I love about the world is that we are all entitled to our opinions but when someone's opinion is just flat out offensive I feel like I have to say something. Last week I was a part of a conversation with a few local business owners in the Hudson Valley and when one of them told the other, "nobody listens to country music" I had to do everything I could to not punch the man in the throat!

Really?? I didn't say who I was when the guy said it but really tried to keep myself from punching him, why would someone say something so stupid? As the conversation continued the man said he wasn't going to spend any money on advertising on the country radio station because he really feels like nobody listens so it would be a waste.

So you know, the business the guy runs or owns is a bar/restaurant. So you're telling me that nobody that would come out to a bar or restaurant listens to country music? You have got to be kidding me, right?

This has to be one of the most annoying things that I've ever heard! Why would anyone believe something like that? You do know that when one business owner says that to another it starts to spread and before you know it they all start to believe something so stupid!

To help in educating this business owner and maybe some others that might believe such a ridiculous statement, I feel like we need to show them that people do listen. If you are a fan of country music and want to help us stop this garbage here are a few ways to help.....

4 Ways to Spread Your Love of Country Music

1. Post on social media, "I Listen to Country Music!" make sure you tag us with our handle @hvcountry.
2. Text us through the Wolf Country app, "I Listen to Country Music!"
3. Any chance you get make sure you change the radio dial to us 97.7/97.3/105.5 The Wolf. Work in an office, in a bar, restaurant, Uber, wherever you go have them put us on or at least some country music.
4. If you ever go into a business that HAS country music playing say "thank you" to the person working there.

At the end of the day like so many people have already said you can't fix stupid but we can sure try to show them they are wrong! LOL!

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