It happened on Saturday, October 12 at the Danbury Arena. It was our Hat City On Tap Beer Festival, and look how much fun I had.

I love when we do these live events. It's a chance to meet a lot of our great listeners and have some fun with them too.

Now for this recent event, my plan was to have people blow into a vuvuzela to see if they had to much to drink. We did that, plus a few other things that you can check out in this highlight video:

Here are some of the other pranks we've pulled at some of our other live events.

I've been behind the counter pouring beer, and sampling a little before handing the glass over:

I've worked at the ticket table messing up peoples change.

I've posed as a member of event security and cut people off before they even had their first drink.

So the next time you're at one of our events, don't be surprised if we try and "get you," because you never know what I'll be up to next.