Many are wondering why they haven't seen any change in the price per gallon of gas at stations all over Dutchess County.

June 1, 2022, was the day that many drivers in New York were looking forward to as we were all expecting some relief at the gas pump. The state along with Dutchess, Ulster, and Rockland Counties announced a while back that they would be cutting and or suspending the tax on gas for the rest of the year.

After driving around with my gas light on for the last few days waiting for the tax cut, when I went to fill up on Wednesday I didn't see any difference in the gas price at the station I was filling up at, and wondered why?

I wasn't alone as a bunch of people from Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Red Hook, Dover, and Pleasant Valley let us know that they also didn't notice any major change in the price at their local gas stations. Denise from LagGrange texted, "None of the gas stations on Route 9 from Hyde Park to Poughkeepsie seem to have gone down more than a dime." Well, a dime is a dime right...LOL!

DC Government/Canva
DC Government/Canva

Why Gas Prices Haven't Changed Yet?

The state tax cut is supposed to be 16 cents per gallon and when you add the county tax cut in some counties shouldn't we be seeing more of a price change? According to the Dutchess County Government's Facebook page, "Dutchess County and New York State have cut/suspended their respective tax on gasoline, beginning today (6/1), and local gas stations are adjusting to the new calculation. It may take a few days based on when retailers get their next delivery." If you haven't noticed any change, you should once stations get a new fuel delivery, hopefully!

Dutchess County also said, "the cost the station pays to buy the fuel also, unfortunately, continues to rise, impacting the final price we pay at the pump." So I guess we shouldn't be surprised if we don't really see any change in price moving forward...UGH! At least our counties are trying to help and do something, right?

"While we all share the frustration of fuel costs, and Dutchess County is doing what it can to help offset these costs - please be kind to those who are employed at local gas stations as they are not the ones who set the price."

Can We Report Price Gouging with Gas Prices?

As of today, there isn't anywhere to report suspected price gouging for gas stations but if that changes we will update this article. If you suspect a station of gouging your best bet is to contact the county that you live in.

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