Buying something you already have and replacing the new with the old, and returning it for your money back is illegal.

A New York State Trooper was arrested on Tuesday after the same people that he works with alleged he attempted to return an item at Walmart after switching the contents of the new box with a "weathered" version of the same item according to CNY Central.

Trooper Arrested, Facing Felony Charges

36-year-old trooper Errol Oskay of Sackets Harbor, New York was arrested on Tuesday after State Police claim he falsified business records after returning an old children’s toy at the local Walmart store.

NYSP said that Oskay allegedly bought a child's toy from Walmart located at 20823 State Rte 3 in Watertown, NY recently and after he left the store with the item, police say he then went back to the same store the next day to try and return the item.

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Trooper Pulls "Switch-A-Roo" at Walmart

After Oskay returned the item, Walmart asset protection discovered that the box contained an "older, much more weathered model of the toy." Realizing that a switch was made the asset protection team contacted the police to report the crime.

After investigating, police announced that while Oskay was off duty he did make a return to Walmart and was arrested. Oskay is facing felony charges including petit larceny and falsifying business records. Oskay was issued an appearance ticket and is due back in the Town of Watertown court on October 3rd. He was also placed on suspension with the New York State Troopers while an internal investigation is done.

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