If you drive daily or only once and a while on the New York State Thruway this plan will definitely help your budget.

If you are like the thousands of Hudson Valley residents that have a long commute to work every day and travel on the New York State Thruway, you already know that it can get expensive. Depending on how far you go each day depends on the toll you have to pay every time, even if you pay only $1 a day and do it five days a week all year long, it adds up! And if you add in the rise in gas prices it almost isn't fair.

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Don't use the New York State Thruway often?

Even if you only use the thruway a few times a year, like many of us in the Hudson Valley who can't afford a fancy faraway vacation, having to pay a toll when we take a long weekend getaway to places like Lake George and places further north can add up, so any relief would help.


No Tolls on NYS Thruway Plan

Albany Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara has introduced a plan that could bring a little relief to any New Yorker that uses the Thruway this summer according to WRGB. The plan would eliminate any driver from paying any Thruway tolls in the summer months. Santabarbara said, "Typically the summer months are when most people make their travel plans and this savings will encourage tourism in our upstate areas. These active months are important for local businesses and we must do all we can to encourage economic activity when they need it the most."

NYS Thruway Authority Responds to the Plan

The Thruway Authority stated that most drivers that use the thruway in the summer months are from out-of-state, "Removing tolls would cut off the only dedicated revenue stream used to maintain and operate our 570-mile system each and every day. The Thruway is a user-fee system supported by tolls paid by the people who use it, and not one cent of local or state taxpayer dollars pays to operate or maintain it. Roughly one-third of motorists on the Thruway in the summer months are out-of-state drivers, so removing tolls gives them a free pass and shifts the cost to hard-working New York taxpayers. Our revenue must come from somewhere, and we think the fairest approach is that only those who use the Thruway, pay for it."

How would the Thruway make up the lost revenue with no tolls?

According to the Assemblyman's plan, the money that would be lost by removing tolls would be covered by a federal fund surplus. Once the plan is approved or rejected we will update this article with the results.

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