The votes were tallied earlier this week in Albany NY, and after five years of complaints, Common Core standards for learning are no more. They're going to be replaced with “Next Generation Learning Standards”.

New York’s Board of Regents, and education leaders convened and reached a decision on the new system, which will rework Common Core. Albany's Times Union reports that revised English and Mathematics standards will be set in place for Kindergarten through 12th grade.

The changes still need further review and it will be a while before it’s actually implemented in schools. Authorities have been criticized for rushing into Common Core a few years ago and material was showing up on the state’s tests that hadn’t been taught in classrooms. Teachers had to scramble to fit the material into class lessons.

Many parents (like myself) opted their kids out of those tests, which led to the movement to amend the system.

The New York State Department of Education gives the specifics as far as English and Math standards on their website.

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