Baseball season is back and the "culinary wizards" at Citi Field have added two things to stadium menus that are the talk of the town.

As baseball fans prepare for a long, long baseball season (162 games) many stadiums are preparing to open for the first time this year and are ready to offer guests a few unique culinary options not found anywhere else.


New Food Options at Baseball Stadiums in 2023

Many teams are trying to one-up each other by offering guests some of the craziest food concoctions ever seen. At Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, fans can try an "Elote Corndog", which is a huge corn dog covered in Mexican corn. Oracle Park in San Francisco is giving fans the chance to try "Philadelphia Crab Fries", which is a box of french fries with crab seasoning, topped with fresh Dungeness crab and garlic-lemon aioli according to Bleacher Nation.

Other parks are offering two-foot-high hamburgers and the folks at Yankee Stadium have announced a ton of new choices for Yankee fans this year including various mac and cheese options, chicken sandwiches, and the "99 burgers" to honor Aaron Judge. Not to be outdone by its in-town competition the food geniuses at Citi Fleid have added two things to their menus that they are hoping fans will LOVE!

New Foods at Citi Field

The gorgeous home of the New York Mets located in Queens, NY is ready to give other stadiums across the country a run for their money when it comes to adding "AMAZING" to their menus as they have added two food options this year that everyone is talking about. The first is the work of the folks at Jacobs Pickles. They have introduced a fried chicken sandwich made up of two glazed donut buns smothered in honey barbecue sauce. The donuts take the place of a bread bun and will make a regular chicken sandwich so much better...LOL!

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Donut Milkshake at Citi Field

If you like milkshakes, the "shakers" at Sundae Donuts have announced that they are adding a "Donut Milkshake" to their menu. It's a milkshake, topped with a glazed donut, topped with popcorn, and also looks amazing. Not sure if it'll be better than a "freak shake" from Joe's Dairy bar in the Hudson Valley but will try one at my next Met game. If you plan on going to Yankee stadium this season here are some food options to try...

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