Who cares that New York is among the highest taxed states; we’re having fun here, or so they say. The Empire State recently made it to number five on a list ranking all 50 states according to fun factor. But it’s a few others in the top five that make me question this list.

Wallethub.com used each state’s number of entertainment venues, movie theaters, casinos, nightclubs and more to determine who’s living it up the most. They also added in the amount of public parks and recreation, and the price of booze in their calculations.

Number one is Nevada, which is no surprise, with Las Vegas being full of Non-stop entertainment, but number two is South Dakota, and 4 is North Dakota. What??? Number three is Colorado. Okay, maybe on Colorado, but when did the Dakotas become a hub for fun? I was absent that day. Connecticut is number 37 (ouch!).

Anyway, being number five eases the pain of the high taxes just a little bit. See the whole list by clicking here.

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