Medical professionals from the Hudson Valley need our help after they drove off a cliff trying to save others.

A Lower Hudson Valley couple was involved in bad accident while on vacation, on their way back home.

Westchester County, New York Couple Involved In "Horrific Car Accident" In Costa Rica


A GoFundMe called the car accident "horrific."

Gabby and Fenton were traveling back to the Hudson Valley from vacation in Costa Rica on March 25. The brakes in their rental car failed as they were driving to the airport.

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To avoid a head-on collision with another car, the driver swerved and the car drove off a cliff, according to a GoFundMe. Both were severely injured.

Hudson Valley Couple Injured After Driving Off Cliff


"As a result, both Fenton and Gabby sustained severe injuries involving several nerve-racking days in foreign hospitals, broken and shattered bones, hematomas, contusions, a fractured skull and severe trauma. They are both lucky to be alive and we thank god every day for this blessing. Once stabilized, Fenton was transferred to a trauma center and Gabby to a private hospital where she underwent surgery," Bianca Soliz states in a GoFundMe she set up for her brother, Fenton, and his girlfriend, Gabby.

Both Are Medical Professionals

Fenton is a Nurse Technician at White Plains Hospital and is in nursing school. Gabby is the Director of Respiratory Care at Greenwich Hospital.

"They are loved by patients and staff alike. With their sweet, gentle, and patient demeanor, they are both perfect for their roles. They have truly found their calling: helping others. Now they need our help," the GoFundMe states.

Westchester, New York Coupled Needs Our Help


Gabby was able to fly home last week. Fenton arrived back in New York on Wednesday.

"He and Gabby have a long road ahead, but are getting better and stronger each day," Soliz states. "They will require chronic treatment, which involves extensive medical care, rehabilitation and therapy. It will be months before they are well enough to return to work and their everyday lives."

The GoFundMe was started to help the couple deal with medical costs and added financial stress while being out of work.

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"Fenton and Gabby are strong, loving, and vibrant people who have just endured the worst experience of their lives. Let’s help them put this nightmare behind them," the GoFundMe concludes.

Nearly $34,000 has been raised for the couple, as of this writing. CLICK HERE to donate.

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