2018 will bring a lot of things, including a supermoon, as we ring in the new year.

Supermoons appear when the moon is the closest to earth’s orbit, and the moon ends up looking a lot larger than normal.

January’s first full moon will not only be a supermoon, but also what's called a "wolf moon". Some people call the wolf moon a blue moon, because it looks like it has a blue tint to it. If you look up to the sky while we’re counting down to the new year, you should be able to see it. The first full moon of January will be on new year's day, according to Space.com.

If you miss it, don’t worry, there’s another super moon on the way. This one will come complete with a lunar eclipse on January 31st. The lunar eclipse happens when the earth, sun and moon, align and the earth blocks sunlight that would normally reflect from the moon.

On the 31st the moon will not be as bright. It will be more pale than normal. According to NASA it may appear to have a red tint. (Creepy!) If you're not outside New Year's Eve you can see it here in real time.

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