Wow. Here’s another list we’re not so happy to be at the top of, but it does help explain some things — especially Connecticut politicians (joking).

Come to find out, according to Newser, a new study from the Southern Methodist University is out and it names Connecticut the number one state with the most psychopaths per capita. It is not however, the number one location for that in the United States. Those bragging rights belong to Washington DC and that makes absolute sense.

The study says the findings were not tallied with diagnoses. They were calculated from other research on the “big five” personality traits such as extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience reports Science Alert.

Connecticut was the number one state, and second place it was California, then New Jersey, and New York tied with Wyoming as fourth. West Virginia, Vermont, Tennessee, North Carolina, and New Mexico had the fewest and were at the bottom of the list.

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