If it felt like we got a lot of rain this past week, that’s because we did get a lot of rain this past week. We had some monsoon like downpours (ok I’m exaggerating), but the showers and heavy rain that we got, actually set new records for rainfall, according to the National Weather Service, the CT Post reports.

We have gotten 6.61 inches of rain this month to date, which is about three inches more than average. Wednesday alone we got 1.44 inches here in Danbury. Other records around the state were reset as well, the CT Post says. July 22, the 17 and the 4, all contributed to the record amount of rainfall that we got. It’s funny because I feel like we’ve had a lot of sunshine and warmth and I hadn’t noticed that we got so much rain except for this past week where we got the torrential type of rain. The good news: It looks like we’re in for a great summer weather weekend!

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