The Siena College Research Institute has come out with some new polling information regarding the New York Governor's race between Democrat Andrew Cuomo, and his Republican challenger Mark Molinaro.

According to the Scarsdale, Hartsdale Daily Voice, as it is right now, the race is not even close. Andrew Cuomo is looking to secure his third term in office as New York's Governor. He's leading the race with 50 to Mark Molinaro's 28 percent.

The game changer here is Actor turned activist Cynthia Nixon, who ran opposing Governor Cuomo in the New York primary for governor and had a good amount of support. She's now running on the Working Families Party Line (WFPL) ticket.

She may shave off enough voter support from Cuomo to tighten up the race as we get closer to November 6th, which is election day. There are other minor parties with candidates, and as election day approaches, we may see any of those pick up some steam.

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