Drivers pay attention, there are some new pedestrian laws that officially go on the books October 1 in Connecticut.

More and more pedestrians are being injured and fatalities have increased nationwide, so in an effort to make the streets safer, the State of Connecticut has issued new pedestrian safety laws that officially go into effect on October 1.

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Accidents involving cars and pedestrians have not been this high since 1990, so the state has issued two new mandates.

The first is that drivers will now have to yield to pedestrians in more ways. Once a pedestrian steps off the curb, or into the crosswalk, drivers must stop and yield to that person. Failure to do so could result in a $500 fine.

Drivers currently must yield to pedestrians if they have stepped off the curb or into the crosswalk. If drivers fail to yield at a crosswalk when required, they are subject to a $500 fine.

According to a press release by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the new law states that drivers must slow or stop as necessary if the pedestrian is within any portion of the crosswalk, or steps to the curb at a crosswalk’s entrance and indicates intent to cross by raising a hand or arm to oncoming traffic. Also, if a pedestrian indicates intent to cross by moving any body part or extension of a body part into the crosswalk entrance, including a wheelchair, cane, walking stick, crutch, bicycle, electric bicycle, stroller, carriage, cart, or leashed or harnessed dog.

New studies released to the state confirm that the new law will keep pedestrians safer, and ultimately save lives.

The other law that goes into effect on October 1 will make the act of dooring illegal. This new law will now prohibit a person from causing physical contact between a vehicle door and moving traffic by either opening the door, if the moving traffic is traveling at a reasonable speed with due regard for the safety of people and property, or by leaving the car door open longer than needed to load or unload passengers.

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