Ulster County town threatens to file a complaint if discounts aren't applied.

If you live in a town in the Hudson Valley that doesn't offer choices when it comes to what cable and internet company you can use at your home, you are not alone if you are tired of dealing with discount issues.

Village trustees in the Town of New Paltz have agreed to lodge a complaint against Spectrum, the only cable and internet provider offered to residents in the Ulster County town, stating that the company regularly fails to uphold the discounts they have agreed upon for senior citizens according to HV1.

New Paltz Franchise Agreement with Spectrum

Like many towns across the Hudson Valley, New Paltz worked out a franchise agreement with the cable company to provide residents with cable, phone, and internet service and according to the agreement, any senior citizen that pays their bill on time each month is supposed to be given a free month of service every year.

The town reports that many residents have contacted them to complain about issues with not receiving the agreed discount. After numerous complaints, the village trustees have said they are fed up enough with the question and have agreed to lodge a complaint against the cable company. The trustees also are now encouraging their colleagues in Town government to do the same.

New Paltz Mayor Tim Rodgers told HV1 that when customers contact customer service representatives at Spectrum to ask about the discount, the representatives routinely claim ignorance.

Rodgers also said that some local senior citizens "have given up hope of ever seeing this credit, while others have spent hours and weeks trying to receive it. I think it should be included automatically in the bills."

The complaint once finalized and submitted will allege that not following thorough with the discounts is in breach of the franchise agreement and that it needs to be fixed. Rodgers also said that Village officials could possibly seek special counsel to help get money back for everyone who is eligible for the discount but has not received the annual credit on their bill.

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