Hot chicken is all the rage, just look at all the marketing money that McDonalds is throwing behind their new Spicy McNuggets. Millions.

Instead, a new New Haven restaurant is using the power of social media to announce that they're opening their doors for the first time next weekend. Haven Hot Chicken, which is located in downtown New Haven at 21 Whitney Ave, just announced that they're opening next Saturday, October 17, 2020, at 11:30AM.

Billing themselves as the first dedicated Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant in New England, Haven is the brainchild of four local restaurant owners, including Jason Sobocinski, of Caseus and Black Hog Brewery fame.

Haven will offer chicken at 5 different heat levels, from no-spice level "Country" all the way up to their peak heat level, which has been coined "Haven, For the Hot Head". They will also offer up fried cauliflower options for vegetarians.

So far, based on the menu posted at, it seems that traditional chicken on-the-bone is not on the menu. They do offer chicken sandwiches and tenders, or "Tendies" as they've branded them, a variety of sides, including Collard Greens, Esquites, Fried Pickles, Banana Pudding, and Vinegar Slaw. Looking a bit further back into their Facebook feed, the chefs have come up with an item called Fuego Fries, which is skin-on-fries, topped with a Tendie, Slaw, Pickles, and a special sauce.

Haven Hot Chicken will open Saturday, October 17 at 11:30AM. They're going to be closed on Mondays, but open Tuesday thru Thursdays from 11:30AM to 8PM, and 11:30AM to 9PM Friday thru Sunday

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