There’s a new multimillionaire in these parts, according to a press release from the New York Lottery.

Just in the nick of time on Tuesday, someone presumably from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut came forward to claim the $24,000,000 that was previously unclaimed. It’s been reported that the mystery multi-millionaire checked in at the NYC Lottery office on Beaver Street in Lower Manhattan. That tells me that it’s not someone who was visiting from upstate that bought the ticket a year ago at a grocery and lotto location in Tribecca. The ticket was set to expire today.

Lottery officials say the winner will be identified after the organization's security check and background review process is complete, and we'll be sure to keep you updated.

Why would someone wait so long to claim the money? As it turns out, all the media coverage regarding the unclaimed jackpot was the reason he or she searched old tickets at home, where they discovered it among a whole bunch of old tickets.

Here are the $24,000,000 winning numbers: 05-12-13-22-25-35 Bonus number: 51.

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