Hey bagel lovers, some new boss bagels are coming to town soon. That town is New Milford, and the location is 312 Danbury Road inside the Red Barn.

New Milford's new bagel haven will be called the "Bagel Barn," and the new owners are Diane and Mitch Klaif. So when I discovered there would be a new source of bagel deliciousness so close to the I-95 studios, I knew that I must reach out to Diane especially when she informed me all of their bagels will be made on the premises.

She told me their first order of business was their decision to use only local tradespeople to remodel the inside of their new shop. Once it's complete, Diane and Mitch intend to throw a soft opening event for their builders and allow them to sample their bagels while publishing a list of those contractors to thank them for their excellent work.

The Bagel Barn Location at 312 Danbury Road - Ethan Carey

The Bagel Barn will feature about a dozen types of bagels, including Sesame Seed, Everything, Poppy Seed, Rosemary, and Za'atar, a middle eastern flavored bagel, along with specialty kinds of bagels. They've also partnered with Sacred Grounds Coffee Roasters in Sherman where they've developed a special Bagel Barn Blend.

As we chatted back and forth, I learned that Diane and Mitch spent most of their careers in the publishing and printing business in New York City and Hong Kong. When they moved back to the states, they settled in Summit, New Jersey, until Diane discovered Candlewood Lake in 2013. So in 2016, they decided to make a move to Connecticut.

When Mitch retired last year, the two of them began thinking about starting up a small business, hence the Bagel Barn. They began laying the groundwork for their new shop after they chose the 'Red Barn' location at 312 Danbury Road.

The Work Begins on the Bagel Barn - Ethan Carey

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