About a year ago the New Milford Police Department introduced the community to their new aviation unit. Now, the department has added their very own helicopter, Eagle 2.

New Milford is the largest community area wise in the state of Connecticut, and because of that, having an aviation unit comes in pretty handy. There's a lot of ground to cover in the town, including waterways like the Housatonic River, and Candlewood Lake, so water safety is a big priority, including search and rescue missions. Last year, the department unveiled an aviation unit, and dispatched Eagle 1 through the Stratford Police Department. On Tuesday (August 25), the department was proud to give residents their first look at the towns personal new rescue helicopter, Eagle 2.

The Eagle two seats four and is a Bell OH-58 Kiowa helicopter used primarily by TV news crews for air observation, and adapted for the military as well. Since its arrival just a few weeks ago, the Eagle 2 has already been put to good use during a drowning rescue on the Housatonic River.

The aviation unit is operated by experienced pilots comprised of civilian volunteers, and police officers who man the chopper. If you're a New Milford resident with concerns over the cost of the helicopter, don't sweat it, the air craft cost nothing to the town, local donors and corporations took care of the cost.

The New Milford Police brought the helicopter to the John Pettibone School for the official introduction of 'Eagle 2'.

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