I know many people think that the threat of ticks is not that bad. No so my friends. Sadly another Connecticut resident falls victim.

I have two friends who just got diagnosed with Lyme's. One found that it had been in her system for quite awhile. Her symptoms were varied and then finally it was discovered to be Lyme Disease. But Lyme Disease is not the only thing to be concerned about in regards to tick bites.

You need to be so very vigilant, but that certainly doesn't always work. But I think you can never be too cautious. A Connecticut resident is sadly proof that it is easy to miss a bite.

In a story from newstimes.com officials have confirmed that Michael Yoder, of New Milford, who died this month, was stricken with a tick borne disease. Yoder died from kidney and liver failure that followed a severe case of babesiosis. To learn more about what babesiosis is go to cdc.gov

The equally scary part is that the story says that Yoder, who was 55 at the time of his passing, had suffered symptoms for weeks, but apparently the disease had caused too much damage by the time he was diagnosed. Yoder's death is the third in the last three years in Connecticut from the tick borne disease.

Wendy Yoder Michael's wife, had this to say to newstimes.com

We had no idea whatsoever that a tick could do something like this. A single tick. We thought it was bad when it just gave you Lyme disease. This one is a killer

Dr. Paul Nee, an infectious disease expert at Western Connecticut Health Network told the News Times this about babesiosis:

Every year we’ve been seeing it more and more, and with more cases, we see more severe cases

Obviously being vigilant doesn't always work, but I hope you'll take this information seriously. Our condolences go out to Mr. Yoder's family and friends, may he Rest in Peace.

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