One thing that I've rediscovered about myself through this pandemic, damn, do I love Italian cuisine.

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I made Manicotti over Christmas and I also rediscovered that cooking involved Italian dishes is sometimes a pain in the ass, so when a new Italian restaurant opens up, I breathe a lazy sigh of relief because I love discovering new takes on classic dishes.

I've kept an eye on the new shops and restaurants that have opened up in the new buildings at 800 Federal Road in the Four Corners neighborhood in Brookfield. Subway has been open for quite some time, but the pandemic slowed the opening of La Piazza Pizzeria and Restaurant down. I'm happy to report that the long-under-construction/coming soon days are over, and La Piazza is finally opening their doors up for business today, Thursday, January 28, 2021.

Following their suggestion on their Facebook post, I did check out their online ordering menu, and it looks really good.

As far as apps, they're going to be offering one of my favorites, Pasta E Fagioli, soups, salads, Bruschetta, wings, and a cold antipasto among others. A nice wide assortment of classic Italian pasta dishes, wraps, rolls, calzones, strombolis, and a good selection of hero sandwiches. The pizza selection looks good too, with 12' and 16' inch pizzas, a bunch of specialty pies, including Italian specialties Sicilianna, Napoletana, Primavera, and Caprese. Individual slices are available also.

As of right now, the online ordering system just went live, their menu is still under construction on the website, but you can reach both by clicking HERE

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